Our Advanced Resistivity Scanner (ARS) allows we to demeanour for metals with taste (gold, copper, silver, iron), bullion veins, minerals, caves/voids and even water. This is achieved by resistivity analysis. Resistivity is an unique skill that quantifies how strongly a given element opposes a upsurge of electric current. This technique is used on construction and archeology. The ARS will send electrical stream in a dirt interjection to 2 or 4 probes for theorically abyss adult to 200 meters ! Then it will analyse a formula of a bounced vigilance covering by layer. It will establish what is a many critical member next your feet either it’s water, void, minerals or metal

Insert during slightest 2 probes half way in a ground. Place a device in a center of a probes. The over a probes are one from another, a deeper a indicate goes. That is because a lenght of a wire matters. If we place 2 probes 6 scale distant from a control box (12meters of cable), then you grasp a scanning depth up to 6 meter. You can also use 4 probes to cover some-more ground.  Standard Equipment includes 4 cables/probes of 25m any definition we can strech abyss adult to 50 meters with 2 probes and 25 meters if we use 4 probes. You can squeeze discretionary 4x50meter (for abyss adult to 100m) and 4x100meter wire for abyss adult to 200 meters ! Remember that ARS creates research of a dirt layers by layers, definition that if we can identifiy what’s next your feet during a predifined depth. If we select to indicate what’s during 5 scale depth, we will not see what’s next or above 5 meters. To see what’s during 6m depth, we have to indicate a 6m covering by adjusting length of a cables.

ARS runs with 110 V high appetite battery, while identical inclination on a marketplace run with simple 1.5V batteries definition they have not adequate appetite to go most next a aspect ! Therefore ARS can grasp most good abyss while other inclination are usually means to indicate a aspect of a ground. You can squeeze optionnal probes with additional prolonged wire for abyss adult to 200 meters.

ARS send stream afterwards electronically checks belligerent resistivity between 2-4 probes for scold metal/mineral value location, distance depth. ARS will indicate lines between any examine and tell a outcome on a shade layers by layers of a soil. You can also see formula on a supposing inscription that runs a 3d tradition software. If we want, we can afterwards trade a information to a PC. ARS uses opposite record than scanners, GPR and steel detectors, therefore it’s a ideal appurtenance to be used in further to them. Also take a demeanour during a X4 and X5 that mix Radar record with ARS in a miniaturized device

Why buy the ARS ?

  • Find gold, silver, copper, iron as good as other metals, minerals, bullion veins, cavities and H2O during abyss adult to 200 meters !
  • Read directly tender formula on a shade (indicating inlet of what’s rescued between any probe)
  • Export a indicate formula in a 3D program that runs on a inscription PC
  • DRS 3D tradition program comes in 8 languages: english, german, arab, turkish, persian, french, italian, russian
  • Easy to use, no need for difficult settings
  • Control unit with joystick (Bluetooth technology)
  • Scan with 2 or 4 probes

  • Control unit
  • 4 probes with wires (4×25 meters)
  • Control joystick
  • Tablet PC with Windows
  • 110 V high appetite battery
  • Installed DRS 3D software
  • Tablet PC Charger
  • DRS 3D tradition program comes in 8 languages: english, german, arab, turkish, persian, french, italian, russian
  • Pelican case
  • 2 Year Warranty

Optional accessories :

  • 4×50 scale wire and probes for abyss adult to 100 meters (roller transport included)
  • 4×100 scale wire and probes for abyss adult to 200 meters (roller transport included)