The Regulator is the latest innovation by Electroscopes by Thomas that provides the operator with the ability to experiment with materials they want to detect.

This exceptional long-range locator is always pre-tuned for gold, but by inserting a specific high conductor in the sample compartment, the user has the capability to expand their search to other precious materials previously undetectable with an Electroscope.

The Regulator allows the user the quantification of a specific material and the elimination of undesirable targets. The Regulator is suitable for all types of treasure hunting, but it is excellent in the recovery of nuggets and coins.

Improved Discrimination

Can Locate Rings, Jewelry, Small Caches, Nuggets

Can Locate Meteorites, Platinum, Other Precious Metals

Includes Transporting Case and Soft Accessory Case

Includes Heavy Duty, Highly Conductive Ground Probe Accessory

Meter For Fine Tuning Signal Strength

۹ Volt Alkaline Battery

۱۰ Position Tuning

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